Why Use Holiday Wizard

Who is Holiday Wizard?

Holiday Wizard is a solely owned retail Travel Agent founded in December 2005 by Richie Ranieri, and a member of ITG (Independent Travel Group) Group of travel agents, being one of Australia’s largest Independent agency networks. We are a member of AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents), a compulsory member of TCF (Travel Compensation Fund), and a fully licenced Travel Agent # 9TA1360. Rest assured, you’re certainly dealing with a genuine licenced travel agent.

What do we do?

We book flights and arrange holidays! Holiday Wizard is a retail travel agency and we arrange all types of travel including airline flight tickets both domestic and international; Holiday Packages to all over the world; Cruises; Honeymoon Packages; Sports or Event Packages; Round the World flights and packages; Travel Insurance; Car Hire; Accommodation; Corporate Travel and Incentive Packages. Basically, we offer great value for money package options and take the hassle out of arranging your holiday. We understand you employ us, and so we’ll bend over backwards to get your business!

How do we do it?

Being part of a large travel agency network certainly helps! This means we have fantastic buying power so we can offer you the latest special airfares, Bonus nights, free upgrade offers, Honeymoon bonuses and access to all the latest holiday deals. The aim of our game is to provide you Value for Money Holiday package specials. Our team members are true specialists and so we know what we’re talking about. The fact that most of our business comes from referral or repeat customers, says a lot!

What does Holiday Wizard specialise in?

Although we book heaps of flights, we really specialise in Holiday Packages to Asia, destinations like Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Sabah, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, Packages to Europe, Packages to America and of course Cruise Packages we can book ANY cruise line! Just email us your plans at info@holidaywizard.com.au

Why would I book with a travel agent? Isn’t it cheaper direct with the airline, cruise line or hotel?

This would have to be the question I get asked most at bbq’s. It is a known fact that most people now research their holiday online, however the majority still prefer to book with a travel agent. Why? Well, we provide expert advice and intimate knowledge of a product and in a lot of cases, we have actually experienced it. We provide backup and are your point of contact throughout the whole booking process, and if you have any issues, you come back to us and we follow it through to the end. You can spend hours searching and searching for that elusive deal. We have instant access and knowledge of all offers and will save you time! In nearly all cases, we can offer the same if not a better price than what you find online, and you’re booking with someone you can trust

How does it all work? How do I actually make a booking?

Chances are you’ve found us while searching for that perfect holiday special. Now we’re based in Perth, WA, so you can either call 0423 035 500, simply email info@holidaywizard.com.au or contact us through Facebook with your travel request.

Where is Holiday Wizard based?

We are based in Belmont, Perth Western Australia, and contactable on 0423 035 500 or info@holidaywizard.com.au. We also can come to you! Contact us to arrange an appointment. Our mailing address is PO 403, Cloverdale WA 6985

But you’re based in Perth, how can we book with you if we’re from the East Coast?

We get this question a lot! Basically, all correspondence with your travel specialist is by phone or email and payment can be made by credit card, or bank transfer. Once your booking is confirmed, we email/post/fax the Itinerary/Invoice and the Travel Documents/Tickets/Vouchers are emailed/posted to your preferred address. It’s really that simple. In fact, most of our business comes from the east coast

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm WST. (during daylight-saving) that is 11.30am – 8pm EST. (outside of daylight saving) is will be 10.30am – 7pm EST

How do I find the offer best suited to me?

From any page of this website you can select Destination at the top of our website to navigate to your preferred destination. You can also select the region you’re interested in from the world map. If you want to find out about all the Latest Offers, subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter from the home page

Is there someone I can forward customer feedback?

We love receiving feedback from our customers, because in most cases it’s fantastic feedback. You are welcome to email us at feedback@holidaywizard.com.au or post to Holiday Wizard PO BOX 403 Cloverdale WA 6985

How do I make Payment for my Booking?

Payment can be made by Credit Card, Direct Deposit (Bank Transfer), or by Cheque. We NOW ONLY CHARGE a 1.5% fee ON ALL CREDIT CARDS including AMEX.

Our office hours are 8.30am - 5pm WST Monday to Friday
But Richie can be contacted at any time on 0423 035 500 and appointments can be arranged outside normal office hours.